Monday, October 24, 2016

More Night Stands in Process

Many FIG artists are still working on their pieces for the show that opens November 3 (VIP opening) and November 4 (public opening). 

Here are some more details from Moya Devine's work in progress...some Bruce Lee...

And more...

Terrilynn's work in progress... 

And stills from a video of Jeanne Dunn working...

on her piece... 

Come by and meet the artists on the 3rd and a FIG artist or the museum about registering for the VIP opening.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feminist Artists Coloring Book Available!

FIG has produced the first Feminist Artists Coloring Book, filled with 46 awesome pieces of feminist art by 18 of our members.

You can find it on Amazon here...or come to one of our openings and get it there. The Women's Museum of California will have some in their shop as well. Look for them at the opening November 3rd or 4th. 

Participating artists include Moya Devine, Nilly Gill, Grace Gray-Adams, Prudence Horne, Lisa Hutton, Hannah Johansen, Linda Litteral, Grace Matthews, Kathi McCord, Bhavna Mehta, Kathleen Mitchell, Kathy Nida, Susan Osborn, Terrilynn Quick, Helen Redman, Ginger Rosser, Anna Stump, and Cindy Zimmerman.

Images range from fairly simple to incredibly complex. This is a feminist artist coloring book, so there are a variety of images. This is considered an adult coloring book. It would still make a great gift!

Cover image by Kathi McCord.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Night Stands in Process

FIG artists have been working on their night stands for the upcoming exhibit at the Women's Museum of California for months.

In June, FIG met to start discussing the projects, bringing photos and drawings and discussing them with the group...Cindy Zimmerman...

Grace Gray-Adams discussing the artists she would feature in her tower of night stands.

Jeanne Dunn discussing the beginnings of her writer's desk and cot...

Moya Devine begins to work with images...

Some artists started with a clay workshop at Linda Litteral's house back in June...

Some of these parts will end up in a night stand...

Perhaps some will not... 

Slabs in process...

Janice Grinsell sent photos of her work in progress...

Making us wonder how it might look...

And what else might be inside it...

Some artists sent photos of their work at home...Dani Dodge...

Ginger Rosser...

Grace Gray-Adams... 

Kim Niehans... 

Linda Litteral...

Moya Devine...

Nilly Gill...

Stacie Birky Greene...

Kathy Nida and Prudence Horne...

And Kathy Nida with another cot...

All of this work is leading to a great show...come see it on November 3rd (VIP opening) or 4th (public opening)!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coming Soon!

FIG has been busy! We have some events coming up in the next 6 months that we want to be sure you know about so you can join us.

First, on November 3, our Night Stand show will open at the Women's Museum of California, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd, #103, San Diego, California. This exhibit presents a series of night-stand sculptures and installations inspired by Judy Chicago's Dinner Party and the historic Womanhouse. Each nightstand suggests a woman, real or imagined, who sleeps next to it.

It opens to the public on November 4 from 6-9 PM. The VIP opening is Thursday, November 3, from 6-8 PM. There will also be a pajama party on Thursday, November 17, from 6-8 PM.

We will be selling our brand new Feminist Artists Coloring Book at the exhibit in the Museum Store...check it out! It has art from 18 of our members, ready for you to sit down and color.

The coloring book will be available at future shows and online, so keep your eyes open for more information on that.

Last, but not least, our show about sexism in the arts in San Diego, Don't Shut Up, is in the preparation stages right now. The artwork will address personal stories on how women are treated in the San Diego Art World, including backlash, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and discrimination. Women's voices are silenced in many ways. There will be an installation as part of this exhibit that will ask for public input. More on that to follow. The exhibit opens at Space4Art in May 2017.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Feminism Now at Gallery D

FIG's current exhibit Feminism Now is currently at Gallery D in Barrio Logan through June 10, with the closing exhibition from 6-10 PM on the 11th. Catalogs of the work, which includes work by members of the Swedish group Krogen Amerika, are available at the show and through Amazon here.

The exhibit presents artworks that explore multiple visions of what feminism is today, in the context of Southern California and Northern Europe. Artists addressed the complexity of gender equality through themes such as sexism, body image, class, race, politics, spirituality, domesticity, biology, and history.

Janice Grinsell, Perfection

Ann Olsen, If Any Woman

Daphne Hill, Dick 1, Dick 2, and Dick 3

Nilly Gill, Her-BraidedInterior

Amy Paul, Roses for Bea

Hasti Radpoor, Lifeguard

Nilly Gill, Reenacting-TheReal

Hasti Radpoor, Unstoppable

Helen Redman, She Blazed the Trail So Far

Amy Paul, Luna

Ginger Rosser, Respect

Kathleen McCord, Barmaid 

Grace Matthews, Faith Prince Wanted

Lisa Hutton, View, I'm Gorgeous Inside, Spa, and Gourmet

Daphne Hill, Avis Miller, November '70, Cynthia Hall, March '71;
and Jennifer Liano, May '70

Lena Wiklund, Close

Marina Holmberg, Fe-male

Ann Olsen, Gross Domestic Product

Terrilynn, Labeled

Anne de Geer, Where Is the Limit I? (top) and Where Is the Limit II? (bottom)

Moya Devine, Merry Go Round

Hannah Johansen, Muse's Kiss

Hannah Johansen, New Haircut, Shuffle, and First Date

Susan Osborn, History (Herstory) Sewn Together

Judith Christensen, Women's Work

Helen Redman, To Become Her

Moya Devine, Skin Game

Kathy Miller, Sometimes I Have Nightmares

Lauren Carrera, Solving for Unknown Quantities, I-V

Asa Kvissberg, Love at Work

Asa Kvissberg, Mind at Work

Randi Leirnes, Dads on Parental Leave

Bhavna Mehta, Opening

Stephanie Bedwell, In the Absence of Boundaries

Irene Abraham, Slow Motion

Kathleen Mitchell, Same Old Grind 

Irene Abraham, Breakdown

Kathleen Mitchell, My Patience Is Wearing Thin

Isabelle Nilsson, Suddenly We Had Something in Common and Could Talk about It

Anna Stump, Golgotha

Grace Gray-Adams, This Is My Blood

Anna Zappoli, The Window

Kim Niehans, Queen for a Day

Christina Ruthger, A Clear Line

Jenny Treece Jorup, O Sister, Sister...

Agneta Ostlund, The Black Dress

Lisa Hutton, Pride of Ownership

Jenny Treece Jorup, Fit for a Lady

Lena Moller, On the Same Level

Prudence Horne, Framework of Feminism

Daphne Hill, Mercy Rooney, December 1972

Cindy Zimmerman, The Visible Madonna


Cindy Zimmerman, Astronauts

Cecilia Uhlin, Stand by Me

Christina Ruthger, On My Own

Pia Goransson-Lie, The Girl in the Tower

Berit Hammarback, The Last Message

Berit Hammarback, Her Own Way

Lynn Susholtz, When You and I Were Seventeen--Cycladic Goddess

Caroline Farnstrom, Every Day's Fire

Anna Zappoli, Single Mom with Pet

Terrilynn, Labeled

Linda Litteral, Honoring Women Artists

Isabelle Nilsson, The New Self Portrait

Stacie Birky Greene, The More Things Change

Kathy Nida, One of My Kind

Kathy Nida, And Then There Was One

Stacie Birky Greene, Specimen Drawer, Endangered Nests

Susan Osborn, Queen

Stacie Birky Greene, Specimen Drawer, Endangered Hawaiian Eggs

Janice Grinsell, Lost Fragments of Memory

Anna Stump, 6' 1"

Lauren Carrera, Lip Service

Jennifer Anne Bennett, Ontario 1.0

Jennifer Anne Bennett, Ontario 2.0

Linda Litteral, Womenswork

Another view

View of beaded hangers

Grace Gray-Adams, Entrails

Detail of Entrails

Detail of Entrails

Judith Christensen, Women's Work, Nineteen to Ninety

Detail of Women's Work

Stephanie Bedwell, Cosmology

Another view of Cosmology


Another detail

You can contact the gallery directly to see the show until June 11 by messaging Gallery D on Facebook, or come to the closing show on the 11th from 6-10 PM. Parts of the exhibit will be traveling to Sweden in 2017.