Sunday, January 19, 2020

Indoor/Outdoor at the Athenaeum and San Diego Art Institute

The exhibition Indoor/Outdoor is the outgrowth of an international friendship between artists from Sweden and Southern California. How interior and exterior spaces in our two countries are perceived and then addressed in visual terms resulted in a vibrant pair of exhibitions held in San Diego, California, in June 2019, at the Athenaeum Art Center and the San Diego Art Institute.

Traditional and contemporary print production techniques used by the Swedish artists of Krogen Amerika combine beautifully with the varied and wide-ranging visual art methods used by members of Feminist Image Group, based in San Diego, California. In addition to the exhibitions, activities included a print workshop hosted by the visiting Swedish artists, and participation in a Midsomer Festival, an important Swedish tradition honoring the goddesses of fertility.

A catalog of the exhibit is available on Amazon

Indoor/Outdoor, Anne De Geer, Krogen

Room in the Forest, Ann-Lis Enlund, Krogen

Virgen Does Graffiti, Alessandra Moctezuma, FIG

Carnitas Virgen, Alessandra Moctezuma, FIG

Altered by the Land, Alise Sheehan, FIG

Body of Light, Alise Sheehan, FIG
What I Like about the Property: Homestead I, Anna Stump, FIG

Visitor, Berit Hammerbäck, Krogen

Reflection, Berit Hammerbäck, Krogen

Home I, Caroline Färnström, Krogen
Home II, Caroline Färnström, Krogen

Rest, Christina Ruthger, Krogen

The Beauty of the Beast, Christina Ruthger, Krogen

My Own Place, Cecilia Uhlin, Krogen

The Winner Takes It All, Cecilia Uhlin, Krogen

Oklahoma Girl in a California World, Cindy Zimmerman, FIG

Can't Hide (Performance costume), Grace Gray-Adams, FIG

Girl in a Suit I, Åsa Kvissberg, FIG & Krogen
Girl in a Suit II, Åsa Kvissberg, FIG & Krogen

Girl in a Suit III, Åsa Kvissberg, FIG & Krogen

Monster Mama, Helen Redman, FIG

Passing Through, Irene Abraham, FIG

Urban Jingle, Irene Abraham, FIG

Life Comes Back, Isabelle Nilsson, Krogen

My Kids and Majsan on the Stairs, Isabelle Nilsson, Krogen

Suburban Seed Bank, Judith Christensen, FIG

We Must Cultivate Our Garden, Judith Christensen, FIG

East of Eden II, Jeanne Dunn, FIG

Look Out, Jeanne Dunn, FIG

Do My Windows Need Cleaning!, Jenny Treece Jorup, Krogen

Inside Looking Out, Kirsten Aaboe, FIG

We Are All Inside Out, Kirsten Aaboe, FIG

Summertime Fun, Kathy Miller, FIG

Defense, Kathleen Mitchell, FIG

Revealed, Kathleen Mitchell, FIG

Bigger in the Outside, Kathy Nida, FIG

The Birth, Kim Niehans, FIG

Life in the Sun, Karin Strand, Krogen

Outdoor Lamp, Karin Strand, Krogen

Custom, Lisa Hutton, FIG

Open Floor Plan, Lisa Hutton, FIG

Armor Protection Series 11, Linda Litteral, FIG

Armor Protection Series 13, Linda Litteral, FIG

Endangered San Diego, Linda Litteral, FIG

Heavenly Swing, Lena Möller, Krogen

Inside the Barn, Lena Möller, Krogen

In House, Lynn Susholtz, FIG

Water Palm, Lynn Susholtz, FIG

Summer and Root Beer, Moya Devine, FIG

The Snake Charmer, Moya Devine, FIG

Sensitive Forest, Marina Holmberg, Krogen

The Weather in April, Marina Holmberg, Krogen

Dancing in the Dark, Pia Göransson-Lie, Krogen

Norwegian Wood, Pia Göransson-Lie, Krogen

California Fetish, Pasha Turley, FIG

After Work, Randi Leirnes, Krogen

Long Way Home, Randi Leirnes, Krogen

Specimen Drawer, California Condor Skull & Egg, Stacie Birky Greene, FIG
Specimen Drawer: Endangered San Diego Eggs, Stacie Birky Greene, FIG

Orange Tree and Bluebird, Susan J. Osborn, FIG

Miles, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, FIG

Miles & Miles 1, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, FIG

Miles & Miles 2, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, FIG

Indoor Outdoor I, Tina Liljegren, Krogen

Indoor Outdoor II, Tina Liljegren, Krogen