Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recent FIG Artist Exhibits

Quite a few of our FIG artists have been in shows recently, so many that it's hard to keep track of all of them. Here's some highlights from recent shows...

Anna Stump had a solo show, Chula Vistan, at Art Produce in the fall, featuring work about her hometown, Chula Vista, and its relationship to the Mexican/American border.

Daphne Hill also had a solo show, Worth a Shot, at Art Produce recently, featuring mixed-media work on HPV, the cancers we can prevent with a vaccine, and how denial and misinformation often hinder efforts to make life better for pre-coital youth.

FIG artist Bhavna Mehta recently had a solo exhibit, Gush, at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Made entirely out of cut paper, Gush refers to ideas flowing out in a rapid stream, and effusiveness and enthusiasm that was shown by all of the participants.

Anne Mudge created this video of Mehta's exhibition, showing her process and the final product.

Stacie Birky Greene had a solo show, Archive, at the Point Loma Library this fall as well. The exhibit combines three major threads of the her work, all referring to the natural world in various degrees of distress, including part of Greene's ongoing series of endangered birds drawn on handmade paper made from recycled junk mail, and pieces from her "extinct" series, drawn on reclaimed wooden rectangles and presented in a fragmented grid. Each of the birds shown has gone extinct since 1970.

This is just a selection of the FIG art that's been out there. More information on the artists above is available to the right in the artist website listing.