Thursday, July 27, 2017

Don't Shut Up Exhibit

The FIG Don't Shut Up exhibit at City College was short but full of interactions and events. If you missed it, here's some of what went on. A later post will focus on some of the performances, the panel discussion, and the artist talk.

We used Helen Redman's piece Resist for our postcard...

Helen Redman, Resist

There were two sets of community quilts in the exhibit. The four below were created by FIG and other artists.

Artists in the community quilts are listed below.

Left quilt, left row, top to bottom: Linda Litteral with Don't Shut Up, Kim Niehans with Fount, Alison Baker with Victorian Pretense, Anna Stump with Not Your Pussy, and Deanne Sabeck with Beauty Power Freedom.
Left quilt, right row, top to bottom: Moya Devine with She Revolution, MKC with We the People, Linda Weaver with The World Needs Your Voice, Patricia Law with Women With Wings, and Dani Dodge with She Persisted.
Center top quilt, top row, left to right: Michelle Haglund with I Am a Powerful Woman, Minnie Valero with Woman Create Thyself, Patricia Frischer with Heal Yourself Health World, Bobi Postelnek, and Azerly Gutierrez.
Center top quilt, bottom row, left to right: Makenna Litteral with WOWW (West Olive Women of the World), Grace Gray-Adams with NO, Helen Redman with Stand Watch, Kathi Mccord with Joan, and Grace Matthews.
Center bottom quilt, top row, left to right: Grace Gray-Adams with Girl Cowboy, Ginger Rosser with Club Fees, Grace Gray-Adams with Gotta Mind of My Own, Cindy Sanchez with Retrato De Mi Mama, and Janice Grinsell with Exquisite Pain.
Center bottom quilt, bottom row, left to right: Janice Grinsell with Donde Estas, Leah Younker with Women Are Silenced in Many Ways, Kathy Nida with The Government Made Me Do It, Grace Gray-Adams with Let It Bleed, and Kathi McCord with Julia.
Right quilt, left row, top to bottom: Linda Litteral with Protect Diversity, Joyce Rooks with Upside Down and Backwards, Andrea Vazquez and Desiree Laurence with They Tried to Buy Us, Naimen Tanha Woodward with Come to Light, and Linda Litteral with Protect Innocence.
Right quilt, right row, top to bottom: MKC with Not a Pre-Existing Condition, Linda Litteral with Protect the Environment, Khristine Schomaker with Resist, Kathleen Mitchell with What Kind of Fuckery Is This, and Maria Perry with Deeply Rooted.

The other three community quilts were from STARS, which stands for Surviving Together, Achieving and Reaching for Success, a program for girls and women between 12-24 years old who have been involved with commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. 

In the front of the gallery, Hannah Johansen set up her piece, The List, a participatory installation focusing on personal recollections of experienced sexism that women face and the sexual assaults that permeate our lives. 

Visitors could add their own stories on paper taped to the wall or to the computer list that Johansen is collecting. Narratives and specific events are shared as a means to protect the abused and shame the abuser. During our tumultuous time, women and other abused people, regardless of gender, must protect each other.

If you're interested in submitting to the list, email

Nilly Gill had a reproduction of a painting of hers.

Nilly Gill, Tell me the story, I wouldn't hurt you

The painting was posted with three of her poems, including "It must be...TheDaysOfPain&Paint", "Trapped", and "Once Upon A - time...At The Studio" (reproduced in the catalog).

Nilly Gill with her painting and poems.

Betty Bangs, Just Love

Just Love

Jessica Wheedon, Liberate

Janice Grinsell, Hostage

Janice Grinsell, Squinting into the Shadows

Kim Niehans, Ten

Moya Devine, Don't Tread on Me

Sara Parent-Ramos, 12-2am#1 and #2

Marva Whitehead, Unarmed

Kathy Nida, We Won't Go Back

Kathi McCord, I Am Not Your Lab Rat

Kathi McCord's statement

Bhavna Mehta, Sing

Grace Matthews, Elizabeth Don't Shut Up!

Moya Devine, Trumpeter

Moya Devine, Bad Actors

Anna Stump, Another Fucking Princess

Marva Whitehead, Upper Deck and Fancy Dancin' Fannies

Judith Parenio, The Epiphany

Ginger Rosser, I Just Wanted to Dance

Ginger Rosser's poster about stripper labor rights

Kathleen Mitchell, Reap (anagram)

Linda Litteral, Story Tellers: He, She

Linda Litteral, inside of He

Linda Litteral

Linda Litteral

Linda Litteral

Linda Litteral, See, Hear, Speak

Linda Litteral

Linda Litteral

Judith Parenio, La Pensativa

Judith Parenio

Dani Dodge, Die Young Stay Pretty

Dani Dodge

Sara Parent-Ramos, 12-2am#3

Sara Parent-Ramos

Helen Redman, What the F**k

Helen Redman 

Helen Redman

Helen Redman

Helen Redman

Helen Redman

Helen Redman

Divita, Disorder Doll: These Heels Are Killing Me



Grace Gray-Adams, Mother of Truth: Goddess of the Word

Janice Grinsell and Eider Fiedler de Mello, Take Me Today: Amidst the Blue Hemorrhage

Terri Hughes-Oelrich, The Law, Looking Forward

Stacy Dyson did two spoken-word performances during the opening.

There was also a dance performance by Blythe Barton Dance, Brittany Taylor, Cecily Holcomb (skirt), and Lauren Christie.

Below are selections from the opening.

Divita and friends in from of Gray-Adams' Mother of Truth

Curator and artist Linda Litteral with her piece Story Tellers: He, She.

Artists Janice Grinsell and Eider Fiedler de Mello with their piece Take Me Today.

The next post will focus on the panel discussion and artist talk.