Saturday, March 22, 2014

G. Pasha Turley's I Like to Tell Stories Series

G. Pasha Turley writes that her artwork has mainly been concerned with exploring the human condition and social issues. In this sequence of black and white photographs, she used infrared film to photograph the images and titled the series, “I LIKE TO TELL STORIES….”

Indian Woman, Infrared photograph, 33"w x 27"h

Because the film records the infrared rays rather than normal ambient light, the photographs appear ethereal, dreamlike, and unreal. After developing the infrared film, they were scanned digitally, enhanced, and altered in Photoshop. The changed images did not reflect Turley's original intention. They seemed to have their own story to tell.

He read her name and he remembered, Infrared photograph, 33”w x 27”h

She waited and looked and listened and when the images spoke to her, she wrote their stories.

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